Toddler Program

Toddler Program

At 12 months, children explore their environment more and are increasingly purposeful to find the meaning in events, objects and words as they attempt to discover how the world around them works.

They develop a sense of identity and self and begin to realise their own individuality. They understand the power of words and the importance of written words and develop a vocabulary. Children are learning as they discover through physical development. Self confidence develops as motor skills become better. Children enjoy repetition such as dumping and filling and eye co-ordination is developing.

At Briarcliff our toddler child care program focuses on your baby’s development:

  • Cognitive skills

    Our caregivers allow children to explore the environment while supervising and encouraging their play. Books, classical music, pattern-making materials, matching manipulatives and interlocking toys that can be taken apart and put back together.

  • Social Emotional skills

    Our caregivers nurture children throughout the day both verbally and non-verbally; we allow time for dramatic play providing our children, time to make friends and develop and establish postive emotions.

  • Communication skills

    We seek to expand your child’s words, read sing and use gestures as well as words to communicate. Books, nursery rhymes, records, tapes, puppets and flannel board stories are examples of suggested materials.

  • Physical skills

    We allow time for children to walk, climb, run, jump and dance. Improving gross and fine motor skills.