Early Preschool Program

Early Preschool Program

Children are able to symbolically represent objects they focus on one aspect of a situation, and reason of a situation and reason from particular to particular.

Their peers become increasingly important and they see the need to develop a positive self concept. Children also begin to think out loud and talk themselves through situations. They can represent their thoughts and feelings verbally, physically they are still perfecting their gross and fine motor skills and develop competence and confidence in their abilities.

At Briarcliff through the child care program focuses on your child’s development:

  • Cognitive skills

    We provide opportunities for children to sort and classify objects. Books construction materials, making puzzles, playing musical instruments, music and simple games.

  • Social Emotional skills

    We seek to encourage cooperative and individual learning opportunities, as well as creative expressions. We look to provide opportunities for dramatic play with simple themes and props, we allow children to make choices on activities.

  • Communication skills

    We believe that our caregivers should talk clearly to the children in our care, using simple and positive language.