Infant Program

Infant Program

At this stage in a child’s life, they rely on learning through their five senses, using their hands to explore their surroundings.

They begin to develop trust, begin to socialize through smiling. As they begin to communicate their needs, children develop self-confidence, they begin to understand that words have meaning and people will respond to their sounds. Physical movement consists of sitting, crawling and learning to transfer things from one hand to another.

At Briarcliff our infant child care program focuses on your baby’s development:

  • Cognitive skills

    By encouraging your child to play with various soft musical toys, washable stuffed animals and rattles

  • Social Emotional skills

    With our caregivers providing tender loving care, cuddles, referring to children by their name and communication between the caregiver and the child, being nurturing and encouraging.

  • Communication skills

    Talking, singing, reading and naming of objects on a daily basis. As well as cardboard picture books, a variety of musical tapes and puppets.

  • Motor skills

    Fine and gross motor skills are practiced as well as grasping toys, rattles, teething rings, play gyms, vinyl mats and push and pull toys.

Our staff will meet all the needs of your child which includes: feeding, diapering, sleeping and TLC.